How to use your EV Picks Wool Dryer Balls | Instructions

EV Picks Wool Dryer Balls are really easy to use. Just take all six dryer balls out of the storage pouch and add to your dryer with your next load of wet clothes, towels, sheets, linens, blankets, cloth diapers, etc. The dryer balls will tumble between your clothes and linens in the dryer to help circulate the warm air, naturally softening the fibres in the fabric and reducing wrinkles and static. 

It really that simple and you can even leave them in the dryer for future loads!

If you still like a bit of fragrance with your laundry, you can add 8-9 drops of essential oil to one of your balls. Let it sit for about an hour before using. We'll have a new blog post soon with our favourite essential oil combinations, so sign up for our newsletter if you want to be notified when that's up.

Will I still need to use liquid softener or dryer sheets?

The wool dryer balls will soften your clothes naturally so there's no need to use anything else. You'll save money and it's also better for the environment.

More tips: 

  • to minimize static build up, avoid over drying the clothes
  • don't over stuff your dryer, the dryer balls need room to bounce around and do their job
  • bed sheets getting tangled? Try drying them with other larger items like towels and duvet covers


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